Settling – is it a good thing?

In life, we’re often in a state of wanting our income to go up, our weight to go down, our time to be loose, our friends to be tight.  Everyone has their own version of that checklist. The thing is, we really might be able to have each of those things in life – but probably not all at the same time.  If we spend our days worrying about the element that’s missing, thinking all will be well when we arrive at that magic day (soon!) when we’ve got it all together…we’re going to miss out on a whole lot of now.

Yoga and meditation are methods for getting comfortable with now, however it is. We learn to settle in for the ride.  And, “settle” is not meant in the sense of settling for less, giving up on trying to make things better.  In fact, the opposite is true. We keep moving forward, but we settle down a lot of the angst around not being there yet.

So, go settle in on your mat and/or your cushion and get busy just being.


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