Addie at Bodhi Tree Pose
Sierra Madre, CA

Bio: Hi, I'm Addie. This is a blog where I collect my thoughts about my favorite topics: practicing and teaching yoga, meditating, Yin Yoga, and yoga therapy. The most daunting topic to write about, and the one that’s ultimately most interesting to me, is the one that inspired the name “Bodhi Tree Pose” – my ongoing effort to integrate, in a truly genuine way, the practices of yoga asana and meditation (primarily from the Vipassana/Insight tradition) for myself and for my students. The Bodhi Tree is the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment, and Tree Pose (Vrksasana) is a well-known yoga pose...thus, Bodhi Tree Pose. For more details on my yoga teaching background, you can read my bio here: http://www.creativespiritsyoga.net/Bio.html. I teach in the LA area (San Gabriel Valley) and also lead yoga teacher trainings. Thanks for visiting, reading, and joining me on this journey! I welcome your contributions and conversations here. Namaste, and may you be happy.

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